Laughing All The Way To The Mosque by Zarqa Nawaz

Laughing All The Way To The Mosque

February 2015

Zarqa Nawaz

A brilliantly funny memoir about what it's really like to be Muslim in Western society.


Being a practicing Muslim in the West is sometimes challenging, sometimes rewarding and sometimes downright absurd.  How do you explain why Eid never falls on the same date each year; why it is that Halal butchers also sell teapots and alarm clocks; how do you make clear to the plumber that it's essential the toilet is installed within sitting-arm's reach of the tap?
Zarqa Nawaz has seen and done it all.
And it's not always easy to get things right with the community either: Zarqa tells of being asked to leave the DBW (Dead Body Washing) committee after making unsuitable remarks; of undertaking the momentous trip to Mecca with her husband, without the children, thinking (most incorrectly) that it will also be a nice time to have uninterrupted sex; of doing the unthinkable, and creating Little Mosque on the Prairie, a successful TV sitcom about that very (horrified, then proud) community.    
You have to laugh.


Zarqa Nawaz is one very Funny Lady, the Sultana of the Sardonic, maybe even the Imamma of the Ironic . . . Nawaz, mercifully, has a fatal weakness - irreverence - and it's a state of being that's constantly getting her into trouble. Praise be to Allah Toronto Star

About the author

Zarqa Nawaz created Little Mosque on the Prairie for Canadian television, and has spent much of the past six years writing comedy pilots for ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, and touring the world as a sought-after public speaker. She has been interviewed or profiled by CNN, the BBC, the New York Times and Al Jazeera. She lives in Regina with her family.

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